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By: Don Martin  

CO Patriot Guard Riders Member - American Legion Riders - Post 164 Member


 We stand with “Old Glory” by our side.

We stand for those who stood for us.

We stand as they stood… when duty calls.

We stand as they stood… with Honor, Dignity and Respect.

We stand as they stood… with pride in our country.

We stand as they stood… for freedoms enjoyed.

We stand as they stood… with love in our hearts.

We stand as they stood… with a pledge on our lips… one nation, under God.

We stand as they stood… for liberty and justice for all.

We stand with quiet reverence for these fallen heroes.

We stand with compassion for those left behind.

We stand to bring comfort and peace.

We stand with gratitude for their service.

We stand in remembrance of the sacrifices made.

We stand to say we will NEVER forget.

If you stand for what we stand for… come stand with us!


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We Already Know...          

By: Don Martin  


 One day while gathered ‘round the throne, an angel with good intentions asked why Jerry should be born at all. “With his ‘Special Needs’, he will have an extremely hard and brief life on earth. They will stare at him. They will call him names. They will make fun of him. They will not understand him. Why don’t we keep him here with us where it is safe?” she asked. 

The answer from the Throne was…

          We already know how amazing he is.

         We already know what the true definition of love is.

         We already know what the word unconditional means.

         We already know what pure innocence is.

         We already know what caring is.

         We already know what kindness is.

         We already know what joy is.

         We already know what patience and devotion is.

         We already know how ugly ignorance, cruelty and prejudice is.

         We already know how deeply a heart can be touched.

         We already know how to pray and give thanks always.

And above all, 

         We already know that sometimes when it seems you have the least… you have the most!

“Do not fear my child, as soon as his mission is complete, I will hurry him back here to us.  Now go find a family with the biggest hearts you can. Then I will send him to inspire and teach them and everyone he meets these things”…  And so it was done.